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Bury Their “Love” Forever- Graveyard Break Up Spell


Did Anyone hurt You? Do you seek revenge on those two who did you wrong? What about your ex-lovers current lover? Did he/she take him/her from you? Do you want your lover back? Do you want them to break up? Do you want these people to suffer and cry blood??? This spell won’t kill them but it will make them wish they were dead and the only way they won’t feel this would be if they break up. So You have nothing to Loose Once You win this sale You will need to provide me your Target’s Full Name, Age and Date of Birth (if Known) and a Picture Pictures are a powerful tool so I recommend you to please send me one… This Spell will ensure that person would never mess with you NOTE: If You want to break them up so you can have one of them you will have to either purchase one of our Love Spells or let faith get this person for you. This spell won’t get you any of these two, it will only break them up. If You only want to break them up for the pleasure of seeing them suffer then go ahead Take Advantage of Once In a Life Chance of Turn your life around with the Darkest Magic of The Universe.


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