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Our Powerful Graveyard Curse Dual Action Spell


Did anyone harm you? Does anyone around you truly deserve pain and suffering because they have caused it to you? Tired of those evil people harming you, gossiping, destroying your life? DEFEND YOURSELF! DO NOT LET ANYONE WALK OVER YOU EVER AGAIN PLACE A GRAVEYARD CURSE AND KEEP THEM AWAY FROM YOU THIS CURSE WILL PROTECT YOU FROM ANY HARM. THOSE WHO TRY TO HARM YOU WILL BE CURSED!

This curse is only for one person. If you want to curse more than one person you will have to purchase a different curse. There is no price to pay but the cost of our Services and for you to move on with your life. This is not Satanic Magic, this is a spell from the ancient art of Necromancy that uses the energy from the Cemetery/Graveyard to do your bidding.

We won’t put curses on children or pregnant women ( you must wait for the person to give birth first) and once cast there is no turn back. We cannot undo this curse so be very careful when purchasing this item. You will receive an amulet or a mini spell of your choice.

No Spirit will ask anything from you No need on giving us your name all we need is the name of your victim, a picture and what do you want to this person to happen. This curse won’t kill your enemy but he/she will wish to be dead There is no cure so no other type of magic will help them break the spell.


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